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Massage is a term describing a variety of techniques using the hands to stimulate and soothe soft tissues of the body for therapeutic purposes. Massage works by kneading and stroking muscles to relax them, and uses friction to stimulate soft tissues. This therapy can increase blood and lymph circulation while breaking up scar tissue between muscle fibers.

Therapeutic massage and its effects vary with everyone. Clothing is usually removed from the area treated, and the patient should be relaxed and comfortable. A lubricating oil or lotion is used to reduce friction during the circular stroking and compression of the soft tissue. Massage is useful in many conditions in which body relaxation, the reduction of swelling and muscle mobilization is desired. Massage can be helpful in overcoming the swelling and pooling of fluids at the site of recent injuries and/or trauma.

Massage therapy is recommended in conjunction with Chiropractic care. While massage is useful in relaxing the muscles, it does not correct spinal interference or malfunction. A regiment of Chiropractic treatments is needed for this. Your Chiropractic physician may prescribe massage therapy in addition to your Chiropractic adjustments to help keep your muscles and tissues relaxed and therefore, more compliant.

Massage Therapies

Swedish Massage

  • 30 minutes – $35
  • 60 minutes – $65

Swedish massage is the most commonly offered and best-known type of massage. If it’s you’re first time at the spa, Swedish massage is the perfect place to start.

During Swedish massage, massage therapists use massage oils to facilitate smooth, gliding strokes called effleurage. Other classic Swedish massage moves include kneading, friction, stretching and (sometimes) tapping.

Swedish massage uses firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and create other health benefits.

Deep Tissue Massage

  • 30 minutes – $45
  • 60 minutes – $75
  • *Special Buy 3 Hour Massages for $180

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, also called connective tissue. Deep tissue massage uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, but the pressure will generally be more intense. It is also a more focused type of massage, as the therapist works to release chronic muscle tension or knots (also known as “adhesions.”)

Hot Stone Massage

  • 90 minutes $150

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage that uses smooth, heated stones. They are often basalt, a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well, but they can be other types. The heat is both deeply relaxing and helps tight muscles release.

What Happens During a Hot Stone Massage?

Before you arrive, the massage therapist sanitizes the stones (very important!) and heats them in 120 to 150 degree water.
During the massage, the therapist warms up the body with traditional Swedish massage, then massages you while holding a heated stone. As the stone cools, the therapist replaces it with another.
The therapist might also leave heated stones in specific points along your spine, in the palms of your hand, on your belly, or even between your toes to improve the flow of energy in your body.
If you have inflammation or muscle injury, cold stones are sometimes used.

Pre-natal Massage

  • 30 minutes $45
  • 60 minutes – $75
  • *Special 1st Hour Massage – $40
  • *Special Buy 3 Hour Massages for $180

Pregnancy massage, also known as pre-natal massage, promotes relaxation, soothes nerves, and relieves strained back and leg muscles in expectant mothers. Pregnancy massage is especially beneficial in the second and third trimesters, when the extra weight in your belly puts a strain on your back.

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